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SANGJARU‘s goal is to create the new music in the frame of Korean traditional music.

SANGJARU has been agonizing over the forms and categories of traditional and traditional music ever since its foundation in 2014. Over time, however, the extremely subjective nature of the word “tradition” continued to reveal only vague boundaries, which even tually led to confusion, repeating the unrighteous agony. In order to solve this problem, SANGJARU was on the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela(Spain), which is called the path of enlightenment, and creates new music based on the agony of thinking on the road and creates a “Camino de SANGJARU” and 1st full-length ‘Taryeong’

Sangjaru: Image
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Korean Gipsy 

"the fusion of Korean traditional music and

new elements from all over the world."

create and play new music based on Korean traditional music.

'Korean Gipsy SANGJARU' means 'the sack in the box' with a
combination of box and sack. A box has a fixed character whose form does not change no matter what you put in it, but a sack has a fluid character whose form
changes according to what you put in it. The 'SANGJARU' refers to the artistic value of a 'sack in the box', or new creative elements, by substituting them as a traditional and creative element, but not to disrupt the framework of tradition.

'Korean Gipsy' expresses an artistic attitude that seeks to resemble the way gypsies used to create new cultural arts by recreating their own colors, rather than simply copying certain cultural arts in the wandering and experiencing areas.

Tour size : 4 people (3 performers, 1 staff)
Duration ; 30 mins or 60mins

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"Curiouser and curiouser, as the extraordinary trio Korean Gypsy Sangjaru!" There's no doubting the musicianship and energy of percussionist KWON Hyochang, NAM Seonghun on the zither-like gayageum and CHO Sungyoon on guitar.

Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman, August2, 2019


"Traditional Korean music with a modern twist!"

Bounding on stage in elaborate white fluffy headgear, bashing out a frenzied traditional Korean instrument...they add swing and jazz elements ... they mix eastern and western influences into new and intriguing sounds.

Henry Northmore, The LIST, August 8, 2019

Sangjaru: Quote
Seonghun NAM
Hyochang KWON
Sungyoon CHO
Sangjaru on the road
Sangjaru: Portfolio
[MV] 상자루 - 푸너리
[온스테이지2.0] Korean Gipsy 상자루 - 경북 스윙(feat.구미 농악단)
한국 전통악기로 서울의 풍경을 담다. Express the scenery of Seoul with traditional Korean instruments
[상자루의 길 | Camino de Sangjaru]
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International development manager _Chris RYU 


UK Mobile: +44(0)7445055201

KR Moblile: +82(0)1034430196


Address : 9 Bokwangro, Seoul, Republic of KOREA

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